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Below you can find some of Leibstandarte workshop projects.

Mercedes-Benz L2500 Pol.Mtw.
Horch 901 Kfz.15 [1938]
We found broken fit-tree frame close to Smolensk and three years later we have completely restored Horkh.
Sd.Kfz.250 Ausf.B [1944]
The truck with tactical signs was found at Graz junk station. Later was lightly restored in Austria. Sd.Kfz.250 was hidden away more than 10 years. Our main goal was to get him authentic historical look. We reached our goal.
ΠΆ-2. Pzkpfw II, Sd.Kfz.121
The Lenino-Snegirevsky military and historical museum had broken base from T-2 tank C-type (during restoration we found out that it was B-type). Our workshop restored exterior including missing wheels, tower box, tower, main gun, cowl, color and pedestal.
IF-5 und Zwillingslafette MG34
IF-5 1938 for 2 coupled machine guns MG-34 were found near Moscow (Istrinskiy region) in awful condition - almost junk. Leibstandarte's workshop restored as original parts including all mechanisms.
Peugeot DMA [1943]
This Peugeot DMA truck made for German army needs, has left hand drive (in France before War used to be right hand drive) and original bullet's holes on a back. Just light restoration and truck can be use in reconstructions and movies.
Steyr 1500a [1944]
This is AWD army truck Shteyr 1500а, V8 air! cooling engine, was stand aside in Austria's fire department. Our main goal - get original historic look.
Sturmgeschutz Ausf. D (StuG III Ausf. C/D (Sd.Kfz. 142), 4 und 5 serie) [1941]