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Mercedes-Benz L2500 Pol.Mtw.

Unique police car (only 1 left) for personnel transportation 1939. Original Mercedes Benz L2500 chassis. (MB L2500 Pol.Mtw.)

This cabriolet-type truck belonged to military police. "Mercedes-Benz L 2500 (Pol.Mtw.)" 1939. The truck is in great and fully complete condition, from small devices to engine. 

The truck belonged to German military police in occupied Norway and was bought in 1970 by german collector from norwegian land owner. Later (in 2008) Leibstandarte bought the truck and completely renovated including frame's repair, engine and all original parts, electronics and original devices.

The truck passed throw a full cycle of restoration. We fixed all mechanisms and parts. We took care very gently. It's very difficult to find a truck in any condition. Truck's restoration is much more expensive compare to civil car because they were used non-stop.


Engine: Daimler-Benz ОМ 60/1. Carburettor 
Cylinder (quantity):  4 (in  line)
Cylinder (size): 110 x 120 mm
Volume: 4560 sm (3)
Power: 60 HP  2000 rounds
Transmission: 4х speed
Drivetrain: RWD
Brake: Hydraulic (4 wheels)
Distance between axes: 4100 or 4500 mm
Sizes: 6555(6955) x 2329 x 2159
Body: 3800(4200) x 2000 mm
Tires: 6,50 x 20 dual back wheels
Weight (chassis): 2150(2180 kg)
Weight (truck): 3200 kg
Max weight: 5400 kg
Load-carrying capacity: 2200
Max speed: 65 km/h
Fuel: 26 liters x 100 km
Chassis value ( Lo 2500 gas 1937): 6800 Reichsmark  

From 1932 to 1937 trucks had index (Lo) then till 1940 index (L).

From 1932 to 1937 Mercedes Gaggenau produced 1093 units (gas) and 6074 (diesel) of chassis L/O 2500

Historical information.

At the beginning of the War German police was presented by two divisions in Norway - Northern Norway and the Southern Norway (Nord-Norwegen, Sud Norwegen) but in July, 1942 they were renamed - 26th SS-police division and 27th SS-police division (SS-Polizei-Regiment 26 and SS-Polizei-Regiment 27). 26th SS-police division was fighting against partisans in occupied Poland and Belarus and died. 27th SS-police division remained in Norway and was dismissed after war. The truck is still alive because didn't participate in battle actions.

Before July 1942:

Battalion №   Formation city:
9 Berlin
44 Leipzig
319 Cologne
321 Breslau

After July 1942:

Battalion №   Milit Formation city:
Headquarter (Stab) 42241
I. /SS-Polizei-Regiment 27 40493 Bergen
II. /SS-Polizei-Regiment 27 41064 Halden
III. /SS-Polizei-Regiment 27 32850Kongsvinger
IV. /SS-Polizei-Regiment 27 33345 Oslo

Today we don't have any information about other Mercedes L2500 or other police trucks from the WWII. There is one truck for personnel transportation 1955 in Berlin Museum of Police but there is no information about earliest models. Daimler Chrysler has no information as well.