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Buying antiques

We pay cash or accept commission: 

  • Antique dirk, dagger, sword, shashka, backsword and cold weapon accessories
  • Honors, orders, medals, uniform, headgears, watches, photos, documents etc
  • Pictures, sculptures, icons, silver, art work
  • Antique tanks, trucks, motorcycles, parts and junk

Selling antiques and commission

We ( accept antiques on commission. We do pre-selling inspection and expertise for free. Our commission fee is 25% of estimated price.

* We highly recommend to bring a registration letter (Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation) on antique arms. If you don't have it we can take care of it. We charge 1.000 RUB.

Expertise and registration

Our high-end expert's decision on sealed Leibstandarte's blank. You can easily return non-original item to a seller with our confirmation.
We do any kind of archival research.

Personal broker 

Your personal auction broker (Leibstandarte broker) will inspect an item, will notify you about all defects not described by auction, will provide all necessary additional photos and will make a professional price forecasting. Your personal auction broker will be present at an auction during auction or will get an item as incognito.

Antiques restoration

We do antiques restoration:

  • Cold weapon
  • Orders, badges and medals
  • Russian art and icons
  • Military vehicles

Antiques items for movie rentals

We do consulting, tailoring and production of any kind of military uniform and requisite for movies in short time.

Please find below our stock items:

  • Alexander III of Russia (1881-1882 uniform),
  • Russo-Japanese War (uniform and equipment),
  • Nicholas II of Russia time parade uniform, including Leibgarde,
  • WWI (1914-1918) Russia, Germany, Austria-Hungary, France. Uniform, footwear, equipment,
  • Russian Civil War: Red Army, White Army,
  • USSR 1924-1939: Army, Police, VCeKa-NKVD,
  • WWII 1939-1945: Soviet, Police, NKVD, SS, Civil uniform, parade uniform etc,
  • 1936-1945: uniforms and footwear.

Military vehicles

We do full cycle door-to-door logistics (importing, exporting, shipping, custom clearance, registration). You can get any antique car and military vehicle in short time.

Officer's uniform production

We can do any uniform and related items from any material and any level.