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Officers Eupalets 2nt grenadiers division, yellow, gold, blue pipped. Replica
Artikul: 103407
10 000 RUB 

Officers Eupalets 3rd grenadiers division, yellow, gold, white pipped. Replica
Artikul: 103406
10 000 RUB 

Officers Shooting regiment Eupalets Imperial Russia, Gold infantry type with Strawberry upper and underlay.Russia. Replica
Artikul: 103402
10 000 RUB 

Ober-officer pilot
Artikul: 109983
10 000 RUB 

Generals guards Eupalets Imperial Russia Curassiers, Silver with Yellow underlay.Russia. Replica
Artikul: 105554
20 000 RUB 

Generals guards Eupalets Imperial Russia Topographers, Silver with light blue underlay.Russia. Replica
Artikul: 105549
20 000 RUB 

General guards Eupalets Imperial Russia, Silver with Red underlay.Russia. Replica
Artikul: 104717
20 000 RUB 

Colonel Officers dress epaulettes, 68th Infantry Life Borodino Regiment Emperor Alexander III regiment, Russian Imperial Army RIA WWI
Artikul: 103874
12 400 RUB 

Captain Officers dress epaulettes, 2nd Infantry Sofia Emperor Alexander III Regiment, Russian Imperial Army RIA WWI
Artikul: 103872
10 860 RUB 

Podporuchik Officers dress epaulettes, His Majesty
Artikul: 103870
11 780 RUB