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1075th rifle General Panfilov's regiment Flag Standard model 1941, USSR, Copy

Artikul: 103396
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The Flag, battle Standard of the Panfilov's rifle regiment of the Red Army. The regiment was formed in 1941 and defended the Volokolamsk direction during World War II.

Totally hand-made. Absolutely best quality.

The 8th Guards Panfilov Division (Russian: The 8th Guards Panfilov Division) was originally designed for the Kyrgyz Republic. Formed as a Soviet Red Army division during the World War II, it was dissolved in 2003 but established anew in 2011. Lenin, the Red Banner and Suvorov.
After Nazi Germany invaded the Soviet Union on June 22, 1941, reserves were mobilized to be sent to the front. On July 12, 1941, the Kazakh SSR. Major General Ivan Panfilov of the Kirghiz SSR, The reservists allotted to the 316th were mostly from the two republics. It consisted of:
1073th Rifle Regiment
1075th Rifle Regiment
1077th Rifle Regiment
857th Artillery Regiment
597th Sapper Battalion.

The 316th’s soldiers were the 18th to the 20th. They arrived in Borovichi, near Malaya Vishera, in late August. It was taken from the army group North. The 316th was involved in the 52nd Army. It spent a month in the rear.

In early October, the Germans began their offensive on Moscow. On 7 October, Panfilov's division, was arriving on the 11th. It was assigned to the 16th Army Corps (Western Front), and was ordered to defend a 41-km long sector, including the Volokolamsk. The 316th Rifle Regiment from the 126th Rifle Division, as well as the 289th and 296th Anti-tank Regiments was reinforced. 

On 14 October, the German XLVI Panzer Corps attacked with superior forces. By the 27th, they had advanced some thirty-three kilometers, pushing the 316th back to Volokolamsk. On 28 October, after a day of fighting, the city was occupied. Panfilov's soldiers retreated closer to Moscow. 

The German Army resumed its offensive on 15 November. In the meantime, the 316th had received some of the first PTRD anti-tank rifles. Panzer Corps is on the 16th, the 46th Panzer Corps. Soviet newspapers later reported that twenty-eight soldiers from the division’s 1075th Regiment destroyed eighteen enemy tanks while fighting; Although it was later revealed to be exaggerated. 

The 78th Rifle Division. Although they were forced to retreat after three days, the German advance was ceased due to harsh weather conditions.

1075th rifle General Panfilov's regiment Flag Standard model 1941, USSR, Copy

Artikul: 103396
1 300 EUR